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Special Events

If you would like to join Le Red Balloon and her fellow Butterflies at one of my private, powerful, and Prosecco filled events, take a gander at the special offerings Le Red Balloon has brought to America's Finest City. 

Previous Events:

  • The New Look of Leadership Private Ann Taylor Event--All of Le Red Balloon's guests receive 50% off.
  • All the Single Ladies: Move your beaut-full bodies and learn the choreography to Beyoncé's smash hit.
  • Mermaid Party: An empowering Mommy & Daughter party for little leaders (Age 3+)
  • Ladies Who Lobby: Learning how to lobby and engage democratic power alongside Run Women Run and Pro-Choice Public Servants.
  • Ladies at the Ballot: A government and political affairs consultant guided participants through each Proposition, ensuring for an empowered vote.
  • The Power in Shopping Local: Vocabulary Boutique
  • Taco Tasting:  Don Chido (Part 1), Barrio Star (Part 2)

hire le red balloon to design a team bonding, client party, or professional development offering that no one will forget.