What you wear should carry you through the beautiful battle that is life

Helping you emerge victorious each evening, better than you started out the day: supported, showcased, and enrobed in your outfits.

Whether it's embarking on a new phase of life (hellllo, singledom!), preparing to emerge from a suck-tastic illness, facing the presentation of a lifetime, or the first time as a new you (post surgery, post baby, post body change), my work is to help you never, ever, ever again doubt your beauty.

In dumping doubt, you’re uplifted to focus on the real work you're meant to do.

Book a Skylist Hour

Anything you need this hour to be.

  • Acknowledgement: I take the time to look beyond your style to understand where you have come from and where you are today

  • Encouragement: I work to help you recognize your value. I maintain the vision of your greatness even when you can’t.

  • Support: I keep an eye out for connections, conversations, and clothing that will serve you in achieving your biggest goals.

  • Styling: My end purpose is to match your external appearance with all the wonderful things you are and will be accomplishing for the world.

Personal Styling

Just how a business card or website immediately represents a business' brand, your clothing, presentation, and confidence represent you! My job as a stylist and personal shopper is to ensure that we put your best foot forward (in a fabulous pair of shoes, of course), so the world gets to see and experience YOU.  We will select outfits that are outside of your comfort zone, things you’d never pick for yourself but will ultimately love. 

Unlike other image consultants or stylists, I want you to still be YOU and together we will work on crafting a fabulous message that is all your own. You will dress with ease; and my dahling you will be comfortable. 
I put the fun back into shopping; no lines, hassle, pressure, headaches or commission just you me and our imaginary cat walk.

Event Styling

Attending a conference, high school reunion, or wedding? Having professional headshots, engagement or maternity photos taken?  The only stress for your event should be arriving on time, let Le Red Balloon handle the rest.  

Are you dreading that high school reunion, maternity shoot, or wedding? Don't fret about what to wear, together we will find something perfect!  You will enjoy your special occasion and your confidence will be your most brilliant accessory!  I will style you in something radiant/dapper, so prepare to knock their socks off.

Skylist Bon Ami

We don't have to be done yet! Need a friend that’s always thinking about you in the back of her mind, pulling outfits, sending texts, all the things a good friend with great style would do?

Le Petit Delights

The glass of champagne that celebrates you, the notes to let you know I’m thinking about you and I have your back, the texts to remind you of your greatness on important days, the flowers on your doorstep just because you’re you.

Grand Expression

Pulling that dress that I know would be perfect for that dinner you have coming up and sending you a text that it’s waiting for you.