I've worked with over 500 teen girls educating them on the importance of leadership, media literacy, self-respect, and kindness towards others {and self}. The world changes drastically as each generation grows, influences, and molds it. Young women growing up in today's current culture are faced with multiple challenges, and if being a teen wasn't hard enough, now they have the pressure of "branding" themselves and navigating the tumultuous waters of social media. I feel a deep need to share the lessons I've gained through the school of hard knocks and my personal experiences. I’ve received frantic phone calls from moms struggling to help their daughters deal with mean girls, the transition from middle to high school, and daughters in unhealthy romantic relationships. It all boils down to one word: confidence. 

My private mentoring memberships include:
- 60 minute sessions offered in-person, phone, Skype (your    choice)
- Accountability & Daily/Weekly Encouragement
- Personal Development
- Continual support from a trusted mentor who cares deeply about your daughter's confidence, values, purpose, and success in middle & school high school
- Group Outtings to movie screenings, documentaries, panel discussions, and community events.


Encouragement Calls

We at Le Red Balloon have built a reputation for style and joy. That’s right joy! Our job is to not just select a fabulous outfit for our clients to wear but support and encourage them through all of the big scary things they have to do (deliver a keynote, sit on a panel, run organizations, raise children).  Do you feel like you’re in a rut? Are you questioning your life’s purpose? Do you just need someone to tell you ”it’s going to be alright”—consider purchasing an encouragement call.  These also make great gifts, if you know someone who needs some support and could use some joy in their life, give the gift of Le Red Balloon. 

$100/45 minutes


Office Hours

I hold monthly office hours for the following:
-teen girls in need of support
-potential clients that would like to meet me in person prior to hiring me
-encouragement meetings

Office Hours are held the first Saturday of every month but are subject to change. Check my event calendar for availability {under the events tab}.