Frequently Asked Questions

Are you still taking personal styling clients?

My business has transformed as I too have grown. Once my work was devoted to styling my Butterfly Queens, women for leadership, now I focus on the language, strategy and inner strength to self-advocate for a more equitable world. I do not merely have a profession, I have a devotion. While I still work with private styling clients, my primary focus is coaching individuals through the self advocacy and negotiation process.

Why did you choose to transition into this work?

When I began as a Fashion Consultant I was driven by the lackluster, limiting and exclusive archetype of leadership. I was focused on styling leaders who are pioneering in positions/organizations that have yet to be occupied by a leader of that gender, race, sexual orientation, etc. Considering all of the factors that keep women and People of color f, identities that I too claim, from professionally and financially advancing, I knew I needed stronger tools to dismantle the system in which I was operating. While confidence through clothing was powerful tool that allowed me to take a seat at the table, I needed the language and tactics to CLAIM that seat with authority. Equal work should mean equal pay and in a fairer world self advocacy wouldn’t be necessary but it isn’t and that’s why it’s so important that you do it, for you and everyone who will follow your footsteps.

The large gender pay gap leaves women earning 81.8% of what men earn.  Gross, right? Just wait. High earners, c-suite executives, and graduate level credentials do not curb these staggering statistics from impacting marginalized populations. .  According to Catalyst Research, Hispanic women and Black women are the lowest earners. What is not often discussed is the cumulative impact of pay inequity --- It is estimated that college-educated millennial women are projected to lose more than a million dollars ($1,066,721) because of the gender wage gap AND according to the Federal Reserve’s 2016 report the wage gap between black and white workers has increased since 1979 and it predicted to worsen.

Per Forbes economic journalist, Erik Sherman, in just under four years from now, median white households are projected to own 86 and 68 times more wealth than Black and Latino households, respectively.” This is unconscionable and my own lived experience has confirmed these statistics to be true and that is why this is my devotion.

Are you still speaking and emceeing? How do companies work with you?

Absolutely. I am an experienced trainer and dynamic speaker that delivers action-driven content and curriculum. I speak on the following topics: The critical importance of Self-advocacy, The Case for Creating a Culture of Advocacy and Transparency around pay, The Power of Personal Brand, The New Look of Leadership & The Power of Personal Style. Please note, all topics can be molded to meet client’s objectives  & org. Culture. Additionally, I am a hired emcee and event host, producing event programming, delivering memorable experiences through humorous and thoughtful storytelling.

Who is ann marie houghtailing?

She is firstly, a human you need to know. Secondly, it was in my business that I came to truly understand all of the ways I had internalized that I should be grateful for the opportunities that I had earned. Anaïs Nin said, “the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” It was in this spirit that I enlisted the help of my close friend, mentor and colleague, negotiation expert and confidential advisor to some of our country’s most influential leaders, Ann Marie Houghtailing. She has served as the confidential advisor to some of the country’s most powerful leaders, helping them negotiate millions of dollars in salary increases and helped me navigate the complicated systems of pay. She helped me double my income so I can invest it back into my community all while training me in the skill of negotiation (see you don’t have to be born knowing how to do this).

What projects are you currently working on?

I was lucky enough to meet Ann marie Houghtailing seven years ago and the equalization of this knowledge and skill has benefited my community and network. We also don’t want deserving human beings to rely on “luck” to learn the life saving skill of self advocacy and negotiation. We have been leading a series of training events across San Diego to learn this crucial skill. Not all of us have been taught how to ask for our value and we believe everyone should know how, which is why we have developed an inclusive pay what you can model. While the standard price of this course is $125, our honor system of pay what you can, allows you to pay less or more based on where you are.Our goal is to help our participants/advocates secure an additional $1 million in income from advocating for themselves by the end of 2019.  Thus far, attendees have already secured $153, 702. In addition to greater income and salary increases, participants have also negotiated for: tuition reimbursement to the value of $275,000 +, flexible work schedules,  and have been placed on promotion paths, doubled their consulting rates, and made strategic lateral moves to different departments. If you have the ability and desire to invest in making a path for others in a tangible, impactful way, please sponsor someone.