Book A Debut

You are on the verge, in the middle, or coming out of transformation and I AM HERE. I am ready to dress that beautiful body that you inhabit and feed that incredible mind that is dreaming up all kinds of magic. You are aspiring to break new ground, personally or professionally or possibly both. You are now ready to take a stand with your style and make your mark. You are a powerhouse, called to do big things in this world. You don’t have time to let appearances keep you from changing the face of influence and leadership.

Every transformation deserves a debut. Whether it’s a big night already planned, a family wedding, high school reunion, a new body after gifting the world with a tiny human, or a fresh walk around your neighborhood, let me style you for the big and small days in your life. I’ll celebrate who you are inside with clothes and accessories outside.

Here's what we'll do:

  • Interview to learn more about your transformation and personal debut and budget.

  • We schedule a day of shopping: I'll prepare your dressing room with hand selected choices.

  • We dress for the truth of who you are.