Red Balloon Story

Ok, so what’s the deal with all of the red balloons? I have to admit… my red balloons fascination started with Sex in the City.  Now hold one a second,  You’re either virtually high-fiving or smacking me… let me explain. My senior year of college I was battling body dismorphia, a terrible heartbreak, and the usual questions of “what am I going to do with my life?” With graduation pending, 

I had never seen SITC before. In the throws of heartbreak and questioning my life’s purpose I borrowed the box set from a friend.  There was a promo for the show, it featured the show’s protagonist, Carrie Bradshaw strutting across the Brooklyn Bridge with a dozen red balloons. She was wearing a gorgeous ball gown, fur coat, with her signature wild hair whipping across her face. She spots her best buds across the bridge and smiles. She pops her foot up…end scene. She popped her foot as she was so overwhelmed with joy,  any other expression fell short.  This scene made my laugh, smile, my whole insides coated in joy… I called my best friend saying “red balloons are everything”, her coy response “how much wine have you had Sky?” She knows me well. But it wasn’t the booze; it was something more, those red balloons stuck to me. They became “my thing”. Friends started gifting them to me, birthdays, graduation, life events, red balloons were always in tow. 

The day I knew they were something more, came on a Sunday. I was spending my weekend outside, walking through Sea Port Village enjoying the fresh air and hilarious group of elderly couples that gathered there every weekend. Betwixt a walk to gather my wits, I saw him…the boy who started it all there with a new gal. I quickly changed my speed-walking route and marched my fabulous ass to the car. As I drove away I started to cry, feeling a wave of hysteria upon me, but before the first tear fell, I looked up and saw the car in front of me. There was a little girl in the backseat, she rolled down her window and let go of one red balloon. Instead of crying, I laughed, feeling that cloak of warmth, confidence, and joy that red balloons bring. That feeling right there, that’s the same feeling I want all of my clients to have; utter joy and an overwhelming sense of fabulous that they too laugh and pop their heel up.