Why does the media make us feel so blah? We purchase magazines, products, diets, and books and they have yet to repay us with something positive.  My interactive workshops will invigorate you, refresh you and remove the fog in front of your mirror. You will never look at another magazine in the same way again! I teach women of all ages how to analyze media, how to respond to images/messages, leadership, and self-acceptance! 


  • Redefining the Standard of Beauty In America
  • Millennials, color outside of the lines: How to lead from the seat you're in.
  • The Power of Personal Brand
  • 6 Lifesaving Tips Every Modern Teen Must Know

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The world changes drastically as each generation grows, influences, and molds it. Young women growing up in today's current culture are faced with multiple challenges, and if being a teen wasn't hard enough, now they have the pressure of "branding" themselves and navigating the tumultuous waters of social media. I feel a deep need to share the lessons I've gained through the school of hard knocks and my persona experiences. Thus,  I've compiled 6 important lessons that every modern girl (veteran & novice) must know in order to grow into a self-aware and selfless leader. If you know a young leader (7th-12th grade) who could use some encouragement, counsel, and mentorship then please invite/sponsor them to join my engaging, fun, fabulous, and dynamic workshop which I host quarterly.

A few testimonials from my program participants:

"I just want to say thank you for today. It was probably the best day ever! I gained a lot of self-confidence, thank you so much!!!"
-Sarah, Age 12

"Today was spectacular! I feel humbled, motivated, beautiful and inspired, all at once. Thank you SO much"
-Jo, Age 14  

"All in all the entire session was wonderful and I didn't learn only one memorable thing, I walked out with confidence in myself and a balance between that confidence and selflessness, because you can be both strong and love yourself while being a servant to humanity and the community. It was also an excellent time to work on social skills, and learning to stay aware of the bad things circulating around in society, such as in offensive music and unnecessarily modified advertisements. "
-Frances, Age 29


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