I'm Skyler but please call me, le red balloon.

I am not your average stylist.

I’m in this world to change to look of leadership by dressing my clients through and for their own version of growth, transformation, and metamorphosis. I style and prepare Butterfly Queens & Kings for their unique tables of leadership.

I stand beside my clients, cheering them on, as they spend less time in front of the mirror and more time creating magic in board rooms, class rooms, and any other room they want to own.


YOUR LOOK OF Leadership

You have bigger things to do than worry about how you look. The world NEEDS you to show up with all the skills and talents you possess and the focus to use them in powerful ways.

Are you dressing for the truth of who you are as a leader + human? No more hiding. You earned your spot at the table, let me elevate your style for it.

Personal Shopping

Give us the budget and we do the work! No sales associates, no hassle, and no overwhelm.

We go to the mall, filter through thousands of pieces, and select the handful that are just right for you (the ones you never would have picked for yourself).


Le Red Balloon is a dynamic speaker, host, who delivers critical content around personal branding, advocacy, leadership and of course, style.

Looking for a full-figured model? Le Red walks runways as a living breathing example that beauty and style don’t have to mean a size 0. 

Enjoy some of Le Red Balloon's past work + her Butterfly clients

"Shopping with Skyler was an uplifting experience. She has a great eye for outfits, and helped me select some nice additions to my wardrobe, which I've been wearing pretty much non-stop since then. Skyler opened my eyes to stores I, as a mall-phobe, had never set foot in, and discussed some of the concepts behind fashion at a level I could grasp.In the months since our shopping expedition, I've come to appreciate her genius more. She's shown an amazing amount of dedication, following up with me many times, and I will definitely be patronizing Le Red Balloon again"   -Phillip Bliss, 27, Engineer

"My recent experience with Skyler of Le Red Balloon was nothing short of transformative. She spent some time first getting to know more about me, my style/tastes, and my goals for the consultation. Having recently changed careers, I'm now in a very visible role, and need to communicate both professionalism and warmth. I need comfort, since I am traveling and on my feet, but I also I want my clothes to better reflect the artsy and quirky parts of myself. Oh, and I wanted to do all this without buying new clothes! I thought I was asking the impossible, but Skyler read me and my needs perfectly, and totally nailed it. In a matter of minutes, she'd put together about twenty gorgeous ensembles, from items whose value I had totally lost sight of. She has a great skill for keying in on the gems hidden in the rough of both your wardrobe, and in yourself. And she does it all with such grace, charm, and good humor. It felt like an afternoon with a friend -- a beautifully empowering friend, who happens to be a visionary and a genius! I learned great tips from Skyler on accessorizing, turning a collar or a cuff just so, and mixing patterns and textures. Every day now, I look forward to expressing myself and communicating with others through my clothes, and have renewed confidence as I move about in the world."- Amy Abrams, Entrepreneur & Elder Care Advocate

Butterfly Queen, Skyler McCurine

Skyler McCurine is changing the look of leadership as a personal, styling and preparing her clients for tables from they lead and seats they courageously occupy. She helps leaders tell the truth of who they are through style and story. Her fervent work and belief in the transformative power of dressing/leading with the truth of who we are, is an integral part of her core. Leadership doesn’t always take place in a board room, it isn’t always dawning black, grey, and navy and it certainly shouldn’t be validated and seen only when one reflects the limiting and exclusive archetype of leadership (male, pale, stale).  Skyler facilitates workshops for organizations, schools, and professional women around conscious media consumption, leadership, self acceptance, advocacy personal branding, and of course, style. Skyler’s passion for fostering leadership, audacity, selflessness, gratitude and courage in young women led her to invitation to speak at TEDx and enter many rooms armed with the truth: that we must dress, live, and speak in a way that honors all that we are.  

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