I'm Skyler but please call me le red balloon.

I am not your average stylist.

I’m in this world to change to look of leadership by dressing my clients through and for their own version of growth, transformation, and metamorphosis. I style and prepare Butterfly Queens & Kings for their unique tables of leadership.

I stand beside my clients, cheering them on, as they spend less time in front of the mirror and more time creating magic in board rooms, class rooms, and any other room they want to own.



Every transformation deserves a debut. Whether it’s a big night already planned, a fresh walk around your neighborhood, or a new head shot, let me style you for the big and small days in your life.

I’ll celebrate who you are inside with clothes and accessories outside.



On camera, on stage, on tour, in court or in the hot seat let’s dress your influence to the highest volume.


I’ll root you in confidence and drape you in style, ensuring that your person(s) will engulf each pitch or platform with your unique power and presence.


Le Red Balloon is a dynamic Speaker, Moderator and Host, who delivers critical content around personal branding, advocacy, radical leadership and of course, style.

Looking for a full-figured model or so? Le Red walks runways as a living breathing example that beauty and style don’t have to mean a size 0. 

Hear from some of Le Red Balloon's Butterfly clients

"Skyler is an amazingly talented expert in the area of image consulting. She leverages her expertise and gifts to enable executives at all levels to increase your level confidence by helping develop and recognize your style in the form a unique wardrobe to "own the room". I've had the benefit of seeing Skyler work her magic and accomplish this great transformation in the form of 1-on-1 consulting engagements and group presentations. I highly recommend Skyler to if you desire to raise your personal brand image. "


" As a pragmatic as I am, fashion choices quickly overwhelm me. Skyler McCurine of Le Red Balloon is the Swiss Army Knife to cut through the time waste and get me into powerhouse mode.Forget fashion "rules". Skyler put me in the RULING seat. Skyler's eye and artistic direction has helped me knock out any self-consciousness out of headshots, a 12 hour day of filming for a course I created, and major presentations.When I needed to really tackle life's challenges feeling on my A+ game, and wanted the right kind of armor to do the BIGGER work of leadership, Skyler was who I was lucky enough to have in my corner, to make it happen. Running in today's fast-paced business lane, Skyler's also styled me virtually - giving me the quick thumbs up/thumbs down on prospective purchases, helping me COMPLETELY eliminate regrettable purchases that I won't get maximum mileage out of. HIGHLY recommended."

Rebecca Tall Brown, Co-Founder, Office of Awesome

"My recent experience with Skyler of Le Red Balloon was nothing short of transformative. She spent some time first getting to know more about me, my style/tastes, and my goals for the consultation. Having recently changed careers, I'm now in a very visible role, and need to communicate both professionalism and warmth. Every day now, I look forward to expressing myself and communicating with others through my clothes, and have renewed confidence as I move about in the world."- Amy Abrams, Entrepreneur & Elder Care Advocate

AMY ABRAMS, Program Manager at alzheimer's san diego

Butterfly Queen, Skyler McCurine

Skyler McCurine is changing the look of leadership as a personal, styling and preparing her clients for the tables from which they lead and seats they courageously occupy. She helps leaders tell the truth of who they are through style and story. Her fervent work and belief in the transformative power of dressing/leading with the truth of who we are, is an integral part of her core. Leadership doesn’t always take place in a board room, it isn’t always dawning black, grey, and navy and it certainly shouldn’t be validated and seen only when one reflects the limiting and exclusive archetype of leadership (male, pale, stale).  Skyler facilitates workshops for organizations, schools, and professional women around conscious media consumption, leadership, self acceptance, advocacy personal branding, and of course, style. Skyler’s passion for fostering leadership, audacity, selflessness, gratitude and courage in young women led her to invitation to speak at TEDx and enter many rooms armed with the truth: that we must dress, live, and speak in a way that honors all that we are.  

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