I'm Skyler but please call me le red balloon.

I am not your average coach.

I am here to coach leaders through the process of negotiation and self advocacy, breaking through all of the systemic factors and barriers that keep their professional and financial advancement stagnant. Together we are bringing greater equity to their tables of leadership, companies, projects, families and lives.



Skyler is a dynamic speaker, trainer and Madame of Ceremonies who designs and facilitates critical courses that enable leaders {of any age, seat, culture, and creed} to engage with work, the world and themselves in a real, deep, and metamorphic way.

If you’re looking to hire a trainer or speaker for your team building event or consultant to design and deliver powerful professional development offerings, see why Skyler is the right choice.


Every transformation begins with the desire for something to be different.

If you’re great at advocating for others but not yourself, if you know you’re making less than your colleagues and you’d do anything to avoid rather than approach a conversation about your income, rates or value - it’s time for us to self-advocate. Skyler will coach you to the other side, where freedom resides.

workshops & programs

Skyler hosts team building, creative workshops and professional development programs around the city in collaboration with community partners.

If you’re interested hiring her for your event or in sponsoring an upcoming event that builds equity and knowledge within your organization or the communities it serves, we would love to connect.

Hear from some of Skyler's High-level clients

“I first heard Skyler speak on personal branding and style or, what she referred to as, “the intersection of social justice and fashion styling.” Her message was inspiring and relevant and her voice was powerful. I knew then that I had to hear more. I learned that she provided personal coaching and, after a 30 minute consultation, I was sold. Hiring Skyler as my coach was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Working with her truly transformed my professional life in a matter of 6 months. Not only did I find a new, better paying and more fulfilling job, I learned how to navigate difficult professional situations with poise and power. Skyler guided me to find my voice and to use it. She taught me to soar above the noise, to confront my own insecurities and she encouraged me to take up space and be seen during times when all I wanted to do was fly under the radar. She held me accountable and believed that I had more to offer and also that I deserved more. She waited patiently for me to believe it too. She pushed me to have difficult conversations which led to better outcomes than I could have imagined. I am eternally grateful to Skyler for walking alongside me and giving me tools that I will have handy for the rest of my career.”

Kendra Puryear,Chief Development Officer, Orangewood Foundation

“Let’s start here - Skyler changes lives. I was referred to Skyler while I was Chairperson for the Virtual Women in Leadership subcommittee at Ultimate Software. We have been consistently rated in the Top 10 of Fortune’s Best Place to Work and this new committee caring for our virtual women was very important to our organization. As our Consultant, Skyler helped us answer the question - “How can we engage 1000 virtual UltiWomen?” Through her highly personalized planning process - she created a Personal Branding program that changed the lives of many of our UltiWomen. She is fiercely competent on her subject matter, a dynamic and engaging presenter and...she cares deeply about your success! I am still hearing success stories from women who completed her Personal Branding program. I have also received personal coaching from Skyler that has changed my life as well. Skyler is gifted, talented and a beautiful human. I highly recommend Skyler for your development programs.”

Stephanie norton,sphr Director, Executive Relationships at Ultimate Software

"In 2018, I had the distinct privilege of being coached by Skyler when I encountered some difficulty transitioning from my previous employer to a new position. Skyler helped me leverage my skillset into a position with better terms and pay. More importantly, she taught me the invaluable skillset of professional advocacy so that my compensation matched my market value. I highly recommend Skyler. As a woman of color and talented young professional, Skyler is able to pick up on negotiation nuances and leverage them in her clients favor. As I continue to grow as a professional, I will look to her for sage advice and coaching.”

Mayra reyes, Associate Principal at Chula Vista Elementary School District

Your Advocate, Skyler McCurine

“Earning your value through self advocacy is an act of social justice.”  My own journey towards earning my value began seven years ago when I started my consulting business, Le Red Balloon.  It was in my business that I came to truly understand all of the ways I had internalized that I should be grateful for the opportunities that I had earned. Anaïs Nin said, “the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” It was in this spirit that I enlisted the help of my mentor and colleague, negotiation expert and confidential advisor to some of our country’s most influential leaders, Ann Marie Houghtailing.  Learning the language, strategy, and skill of advocating for my value deeply transformed my own life and my immediate community; the need to not only do but bring others along and proselytize this work became my focus. Once my work was devoted to styling my Butterfly Queens, women in leadership, now I focus on the language, strategy and inner strength to self-advocate for a more equitable world. While I still work with private styling clients, my primary focus is coaching individuals through the self advocacy and negotiation process and speaking unto that end or beginning rather.

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